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With the internet bringing all the information in the world to our fingertips, it’s never been easier to expand your business, reach new people and gain clients. Digital networking platforms such as LinkedIn make it simple to find specific, targeted connections, and building your business network can be done in a matter of minutes. Establishing connections online is second nature, but progressing the conversation further than the exchange of a few ‘likes’ is still as much of a challenge than ever. Conversation remains the most valuable tool in any businessperson’s arsenal, so make an effort to connect with people in real life, not just on socials.

Take the opportunity to network everywhere

Networking opportunities are everywhere, from your local coffee shop to awards ceremonies to large-scale conferences. You never know who you will meet in the most unlikely of places, so be prepared with business cards and your best handshake next time you go to your local.

However, you shouldn’t wait for such opportunities to come to you – be proactive at seeking out networking events. Industry networking events are the most beneficial and the most enjoyable because they bring the community together for a productive discussion about an industry relevant issue. This provides an excellent talking point for your networking conversations and offers a fantastic learning experience from your business peers and the wider community.

Don’t forget to talk about you

Networking mentality tends to focus on what other people and businesses have done, or what they can do for you. It’s more valuable to emphasise what you and your business can do for them. Networking can be more than just collecting a bunch of business cards to use later down the track. Let this be an opportunity to convey the excellent work your business has done and the innovative strides you have taken to make it happen.

Now do it!

Bring your team to the next relevant networking event and show off the great projects you and your company are responsible for, learn from the innovations of others, and watch your business network with other industry professionals grow.

Upcoming networking events:
The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Gala Dinner will be a great way to converse with other business leaders, while learning innovative ways to incorporate CSR into your own organisation and also celebrating the achievements of the AmCham business community at large.
When: Thursday 7 November, 2019
Time: 7pm – 11pm
Where: W Brisbane, 81 North Quay, Brisbane, QLD 4000
More information: https://www.amcham.com.au/Web/AmCham/Events/Event_Display.aspx?EventKey=040060

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