We work as trusted advisors, fresh eyes, and extra arms and legs on projects of scale. We have experience across a vast range of divergent industries, from medical research to school holiday retail experiences, from government conferencing to tech start-ups. All of our clients have one thing in common – they have a story to tell. We’re here to tell it!

Media & Presentation Training

KDPR prepares you to deliver your story with confidence and cut-through and to own the room with gravitas.  Many of our media training clients return to us year after year to ensure spokespeople continue to tell their story in the most compelling manner possible.  We are also engaged by some of Queensland’s top industry leaders to hone presentation skills and ensure they have all the tips and tricks at their fingertips.

Our experienced media trainers and journalists are well positioned to educate key executives on how the modern media works, both in mainstream outlets and on digital media platforms with proven results.  Our presentation and networking trainers know how to own the room and network with ease and confidence and are happy to relay how to do the same.

We can assist you with:

  • Unpacking the media landscape and understanding what makes journalists tick
  • Media relations tools
  • Preparing key messages and QAs
  • Preparing for the interview and setting your own agenda
  • Understanding what makes a good media communicator and compelling presenter
  • Handling difficult, hostile interviews and techniques to bridge to key messages
  • Managing an interview to ensure you retain 50% control and deliver key message and bridge back if the interview goes in different direction
  • Long form radio interviews and live television interviews – tips and techniques
  • Mock media conference/doorstop interview practice
  • Use of voice – modulation, projection, and pace
  • Body language – non verbals, eye contact
  • Practical interviews on camera with playback and analysis
  • Tips for engaging and compelling speechwriting
  • Engaging and owning the room
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