We work as trusted advisors, fresh eyes, and extra arms and legs on projects of scale. We have experience across a vast range of divergent industries, from medical research to school holiday retail experiences, from government conferencing to tech start-ups. All of our clients have one thing in common – they have a story to tell. We’re here to tell it!

Creative Concept Development

The market is flooded for most industries. There is no such thing anymore as an original idea – what is unique is the combination of elements and the execution.

KDPR understands this.

We know that in order to get cut-through you need to entice, excite and engage. We have creatively curated and executed award-winning stunt activations.

We can assist you with:

  • Stunt idea creation
  • Logistical planning
  • Execution
  • Leveraging for media, social media influencers and key stakeholders.
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