We work as trusted advisors, fresh eyes, and extra arms and legs on projects of scale. We have experience across a vast range of divergent industries, from medical research to school holiday retail experiences, from government conferencing to tech start-ups. All of our clients have one thing in common – they have a story to tell. We’re here to tell it!

Issues & Crisis Management

We can’t tell you what we’ve done or who we’ve worked for! But the fact you don’t know is testament to our skills.

What we can tell you is our senior team is well-versed in issues management and have worked in this area for retailers, food and beverage clients, property developers, government entities and professional firms.

We can assist you with:

  • the development of crisis escalation trees
  • issues mud maps
  • crisis team collation
  • external crisis bunker formation within the KDPR office
  • Q&As
  • FAQs
  • Key messages
  • Information dissemination plans
  • Media training for your senior team
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