Media Trends in 2020: How the industry is changing

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As we enter the new decade, the media industry will be greatly influenced by changes in technology, platforms and trends that are rapidly reshaping the media landscape. The industry is constantly in a period of accelerating change, but we have identified a few major trends that will greatly change the space that PR and media professionals operate in. These trends will provide new territories and opportunities for businesses to explore, and open new ways to communicate with audiences.


New technologies are continuously redefining the media landscape and the ways people communicate with brands, businesses, clients and the public. While augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence technologies have been emerging in the industry over the last decade, they will scale and influence consumers in new ways.  We will see more innovative, useful, and immersive experiences being built by businesses embracing AR, such as creating interactive maps and layers to the existing world. 



The rise of audio platforms will see more businesses publish audio content, integrate audio interactions to their owned platforms, and build an audio marketing presence. With the podcast industry increasingly gaining traction and smart speaker and smart home devices becoming more advanced, audio and voice-based digital interactions will become just as natural as tapping on a phone or streaming a video.

These advanced technologies are resulting in media platforms and communication channels becoming both more nuanced and more niche. The boundary between traditional and new media is blurring, with no longer a clear distinction between paid, owned, earned and shared media.



With visible like counts disappearing from popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, content creation will shift from trying to cultivate a mass following to creating ways to engage more meaningfully with audiences. This will see a rise in subscription-based content, interactive content and a more authentic profile.

The demand for authentic content is growing and the public is craving to see brands and businesses embrace transparency, social responsibility and authentic engagement.  


2020 and beyond is set to be an exciting time in the media industry as these technologies and trends continue to develop and shape our experiences. These trends will help guide the narratives, strategy and services KDPR provides for our clients and as ever, enable us to help you navigate the media landscape and leverage these trends for your business.

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