Five reasons students need internships

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A common concern of students nearing graduation is uncertainty around their employability and the best way to overcome this uncertainty is to prepare for professional life through interning.

Here are five reasons why doing an internship is an essential part of your personal and career growth:

  1. Gain experience you can’t get inside of a classroom

There is only so much you can learn in a classroom. Interning is the perfect opportunity for you to put the theoretical knowledge you have learnt into practice.

  1. Internships give you a taste of the real-world

This is your opportunity to learn valuable skills about the workplace in general. Being a part of a team teaches you to work through challenging situations with the guidance of professionals.

  1. You can earn yourself a professional reference

Having the opportunity to learn from an industry professional will allow you to find yourself a mentor or someone you could turn to for professional advice. Your team leader or supervisor could also be your future employer’s best point of reference.

  1. Build your professional network

Internships are a platform to develop your professional brand. The people you meet in your internship may be people you work with in the future. This is your chance to meet like-minded people and establish a professional network.

  1. Gain confidence

Interning allows you to be more agile and receptive towards other people’s ideas while being professionally assertive with your own opinions. Through your internship, you will expand your perspective and overcome challenges. These experiences will allow you to be more confident moving into the professional world.

If you are still deciding on whether you should take on an internship, the answer should be a resounding YES! Get yourself job-ready and start your internship journey. Get in touch with our team for more information on our internship program.

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