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The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented experiment for the modern workplace, with the we way both live and work drastically challenged by restrictions. Many employees have long called for more flexible work arrangements, whether to accommodate carer duties, working parents, or work-life balance. The post-pandemic world presents an opportunity to implement on a large scale what was once a radical, progressive approach to work routine – and is now a widely praised model of thriving workplace culture.

Today is Flexible Working Day, an international day to celebrate and showcase the benefits of flexible work for both people and organisations. KDPR has embraced the WFH lifestyle and is lucky to be in an industry that allowed us to easily adapt when the pandemic restrictions first instructed much of the workforce to stay at home. We have seen firsthand how flexible working systems have helped our team, our clients, and our community to increase their productivity and improve their work-life balance. The ability to work on projects from the comfort of home has proven to improve workforce mental health.

We recently wrote an article on authentic and transparent leadership, and how the pandemic provides the opportunity to reflect on management best practice – including a stronger focus on tangible outcomes and deliverables rather than just turning up. Management has evolved from a top-down hierarchy, with workplaces forced to adopt less of a micro-managerial model and more employee autonomy. The environment of online work has borne a leadership style that places more emphasis on employee satisfaction, autonomy, and growth.

We understand that for some, face-to-face engagement and team environments are necessary tools for effective collaboration. Meetings and strategising with colleagues and clients are still beneficial ways to align and inform, but the ability to choose is the most beneficial tool of all. There is no one way to work, but rather a multi-pronged approach that is rooted in flexibility, with the critical component of employee choice.

Today, on Flexible Working Day, we are showing our support for formalizing flexible work arrangements and are excited to see how the very fabric of our working society adapts to a post-COVID world.

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