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Call me un-Australian, but I don’t know the difference between a leg-bye and a follow-on, and the thought of sitting in the blazing sun for 12 hours waiting for something to happen out in the middle gives me a really bad headache.
But this week I’ve found myself turning ABC Radio on every time I sit down at my desk or jump in the car, smiling when I hear the Ashes telecast on a young corporate’s smartphone while he has lunch with a mate, and strangely enjoying getting caught in the First Day traffic log jam at 10 to 10 on Thursday morning.
It got me thinking about how much this time of year means to so many people who have toiled away in their various places of work all year, and how this week marks the transition into our glorious long languorous summer months ahead.
Yes, we are all still working at pace to finish 2017, and it is a testing time with deadlines looming and energy levels flagging, but the little distractions, the small celebrations, sustain us through to Christmas.
For me, I’m thinking a bit more cricket on in the background, a bit more rhubarb from the commentators, might be part of the musical mash-up at KDPR, when Bing, Mariah & Buble get dusted off ready for next Friday, 1 December. Look out!

Kristmas Devitt


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