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From our early childhood, we develop a love for stories and the lessons they communicate. Regardless of the delivery, stories convey messages in an entertaining, memorable and indirect way. But great stories can influence feelings, beliefs and behaviours. A team of scientists discovered a neurological connection between stories and the area of the brain responsible for empathy, compassion and cooperation. These feelings tend to increase when we are told stories which resonate with us.

By using storytelling, whether it be videos, case studies or testimonials, you can strengthen your brand messages further and create an emotional connection to audiences.

Recently, well-known brand Seek used storytelling for their ‘Why Settle?’ campaign. The campaign advertisement is a social experiment focusing on three Australians whose family and friends identified as unfulfilled in their current career. The experiment runs with the tagline ‘Why Settle? Seek’ and aims to show consumers the difference it can make when you have job satisfaction. The advertisement records the moment Ned, Lee and Charu are surprised by their families and friends who picked a new job best suited to them. Seek arranged a day of hands-on work experience to help uncover their true potential. This created a strong, emotive story and gave the audience a sense of journey and connection.

Furthermore, Seek developed a campaign website which tells stories of people who have experienced careers changes otherwise known as the ‘non-settlers’. The purpose of this campaign was to give Australians the confidence to discover the career that’s right for them.

Although it sounds simple, storytelling can be a complex and powerful communication tool. When implemented effectively, storytelling instantly humanises your brand and engages your target audience.

At KDPR, we’re all storytellers and eager consumers of content. We can take your brand content to the next level and engage your consumers in a completely new way. Great stories are not accidental; they are carefully strategised and executed with a detailed understanding and knowledge of the skills we use to tell them. Great stories will be memorable and are an effective way to draw in a consumer.

So, what’s your story? How can KDPR tell it?

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