Social Media Channels: Is Less More?

Phone with social media icons

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X, TikTok, YouTube, Threads, Mastodon, Bluesky…

With a seemingly endless number of social media channels, it can feel overwhelming to try and keep up and maintain a presence on each. But could this be doing more harm than good?

The bottom line is, unless you have adequate resources and time to effectively and consistently manage multiple social media platforms, your organisation should not have an account on each.

For example, if your organisation only has enough time to invest in a LinkedIn account but have inactive Instagram and Facebook accounts live, it leaves audiences with a poor impression.

Social media plays an integral role in how audiences interact with brands. For example, when someone searches for an organisation on Instagram and finds it hasn’t been used in months, audiences can draw the conclusion that the business is also inactive.

But if you only have the time and resources to invest in one or a few social media accounts, how do you choose the right ones?

The most significant factors to consider are your desired audiences and overarching goal.

Are you wanting to raise general awareness of your brand or are you searching for a more tailored approach to build genuine relationships?

Do you have a certain demographic in mind?

If your goal is to make more B2C sales, Instagram and Facebook are the platforms for you.

If your goal is to generate more leads and attract new clients, LinkedIn is where you should invest your time.

Deciding which platforms are right for you can be the most daunting step, which is why we’ve put together a quick overview on each major social media platform below.

If you’d like a comprehensive social media plan or want to expand your social media reach, contact KDPR today on 07 3136 2555.

LinkedIn, 60% of users aged 25-34, reach more corporates, build genuine connections, ideal to share thought leadership, perfect for B2B Instagram, 62% of users aged 18-34, great to raise general awareness, tone is more friendly and fun, enhanced engagement, reach a wider audienceFacebook, 43.2% of users aged 18-34, most used social media platform, build an online presence, informal and engaging tone, easily repurpose content for other platformsX (formerly Twitter), 55.6% of users aged 18-34, best for short informative updates, build awareness, mired in controversy, dip in usage since rebrandTikTok, 69.2% of users aged 18-32, tone is very informal and playful, algorithm is a fine balance, time consuming to produce content, raise general awareness
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