Are digital tactics just for a millennial audience

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There is something particularly intriguing about the interconnected world we find ourselves in. We are connected to hundreds of people every day by our mobile devices, social networks and even our watches.

On any street, almost every person walking past is, in some way, connected to technology. Whether they are attempting to text and walk, have earphones peeking out from their hair or have a tablet tucked under their arm, we are all increasingly reliant and dependent on technology.

However, something equally surprising is that these users are not just millennials. People of varying ages are becoming more accepting of technology and this is, inadvertently, changing the way businesses operate. While some grandparents may continue to fear and be suspicious of technology, it seems that the ‘tech-savvy’ audience we hear of so frequently has changed.

This poses the question, if a wider audience is now becoming accepting and engaging with the digital world, are digital tactics still only relevant to the millennial audience (generation born from 1980’s-early 2000’s)?

In short, no. Not anymore, not exactly.

Like everything that isn’t black and white, neither is this. Every business is different, which is why it is always important for businesses to have a clear target audience for their key messages and Public Relations campaigns. It may seem like an easy and obvious step in developing any business, but you may be surprised that this is a step many businesses skip or don’t give adequate consideration.

Curated Digital said: “The traditional world of communications is slowly being taken over by technology and at the forefront of this change are the millennials; paving the way for creativity and experimental content.”

While this statement provides insight into the future of communications, we are already seeing aspects of this emerging. For example, Dove is a creative (and successful) example of how thought-provoking campaigns work for a digital audience. Their ‘real beauty’ campaign is innovative and has engaged a wide audience of varying ages, through their use of diverse talent.

Advice for businesses incorporating digital tactics, regardless of their target audience, is to ensure they are building relationships with their audience, not just regurgitating content. The digital world is challenging businesses to rehash the way in which they think about PR and it’s a very exciting world to be part of.

So, while the millennials may hold the largest share in the digital marketplace at the moment, expect that to change and be ready when it does. Research already shows millennials don’t respond to online ads, so it is only a matter of time before this trend of online advertising is supplemented for engaging PR content.

A word to the wise: Be aware of your audience, be prepared for the digital market and go forth and conquer!

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