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How artificial intelligence has influenced a communications professional’s day.

Although the term ‘artificial intelligence’ may cause many to think of high-tech robots taking over the world, the reality of this concept is far less terrifying.

Siri and Google Now are both household examples of artificial intelligence, so as mentioned – nothing to do with extraterrestrial life.

Much like our homes and everyday lives, in our contemporary tech-embraced society the media and communications industry is consistently transforming.

In all aspects of our jobs, innovative technological developments are providing communications professionals with unprecedented opportunities to connect with their desired audiences.  

The goal of effective communications is to influence an audience’s attitudes and beliefs. So in a world where artificial intelligence exists as a key resource in informing the direction of communication tactics and discovering their success in influencing, as communications professionals we’ve struck gold.

Artificial intelligence developments in media monitoring, social media analytics, and algorithms like google analytics and SEO are all providing data-driven insights that essentially help shape strategic communications campaigns and ensure their success.

In this context, artificial intelligence is basically enabling communications professionals to approach creative endeavours through a more calculated and educated approach.

Although these innovative technologies often come at an initial high cost, the benefits including increasing productivity, efficiency and success prove to be well worth the investment.

However one thing these technologies cannot do is think creatively!  

While artificial intelligence is proving a key tool in helping PR professionals better understand audiences, we need to continue putting our creative hats on to develop the how in this equation.

Creative campaigns and key messages don’t write themselves, and analytics can’t pinpoint the strategic tone and context communication strategies should mirror – proving the value of human connection in PR.

The interaction between human creativity and intelligence, coupled with artificial intelligence is something we’re excited to continue embracing and learning from.

At KDPR we’ll continue to apply these technologies, analysing the data they provide to hone our creative strategies, key messages, and tactics to keep making big wins for our clients.

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