There is an imperative for consumer facing and B2B organisations to give serious thought to their social media strategies. The time for avoidance is over.

While all the evidence points to how powerful social media can be as one of your key communications tools, many businesses persist in a scatter gun approach.

Yet it is only through a considered social media strategy that the all-important return on investment test will be passed.

Social media is about conversation, it is about authenticity and it is about compelling storytelling. Which is why it is a natural fit for your PR agency, armed with the knowledge of how to leverage social media cut through, to work with you on this key component of your marketing communications mix. Your business strategy must inform your social media, be prepared to make some advertising investment and make sure issues mitigation and crisis management are fully plotted out.

Get it right and you will never look back. Get it wrong and you’re back at square one or worse…

KDPR specialises in digital strategy for consumer and corporate clients. We develop full social media strategies, draft and implement content plans and run in-house workshops on best social media practice.


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