At KDPR there is one thing we absolutely love to do – storytelling.

Most of us describe ourselves as professional storytellers.  We tell our clients’ stories to their target markets with a variety of tactics:

  • Engaging with media;
  • Direct marketing;
  • Social media and influencer connections;
  • Owned assets – websites, corporate brochures, annual reports, and the like;
  • Video storytelling;
  • Photography;
  • The briefings we engage in;
  • Graphic design;
  • Event concept creation and delivery;
  • Engaging with stakeholders;
  • Dealing head on with issues and crises;
  • Messaging; and
  • The development of the ‘look and feel’ (logo, signage, company colours, font style and size, style guides, et al.).

All of these elements can neatly be covered under the umbrella of branding.  And if we love storytelling, we’re crazy about branding!


Here are our top four reasons you need to respect your brand:

  1. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

Having clear parameters for your brand (both personal and company) is imperative for clear messaging.  When you have clear messaging people feel at ease – they don’t have to interpret anything, they’re not confused, and they don’t have to spend energy trying to work you out.   When people are at ease they’re more likely to want to spend time with you, and do business with you!

It’s rather clear-cut.  If you don’t know your brand parameters then you might sway with the slightest breeze and run with the latest fad even if it isn’t really ‘you’ (and that could be you, personally, or your company).  If you don’t know who you are, then you can’t expect your customers or target market to know either.  So know your brand scope and limitations and keep your focus.

  1. If your brand promise isn’t on point, you’re promising something you can’t deliver.

No-one likes to be on the receiving end of a broken promise – especially people paying good money after having bought in to your brand promise.  Your brand needs to be a true reflection of who you are, not a reflection of who you think your target wants you to be.   If it doesn’t resonate with you, then you won’t be able to live up to it.

This applies to companies as well as people.  If your brand screams fast and furious but the way your company operates is more calm and considered, then you’re not going to deliver on your brand promise.  It’s just not you!

  1. No-one likes a fake.

We’ve all met them – those people or companies who seem too good to be true.  And inevitably they are!  Don’t be a fake.  Ensure your brand is genuine.  Be authentic.  And if you don’t know if you are, or something isn’t feeling right in your brand, then it’s probably time to look a little deeper.  Take your brand on a spiritual journey of sorts:

  • Get back to basics;
  • Find your essence;
  • Revise your elevator pitch;
  • Define your key messages;
  • Find the words to describe who you are right now (not when your company started);
  • Tap into colour psychology and get your company colours right;
  • Work on your logo;
  • Then rollout your visual brand treatments across the board;
  • And ensure every written word, image, spoken word, product and service is aligned with your brand.

With this level of clarity your brand will be genuine, authentic, and you!

  1. Your brand is a balance between who you are and the aspiration of who you want to be.

The best brands are the ones which awaken your desire.  They tap into your passion, hope and yearning for just that little bit more… out of life… out of an evening out with friends (it would be so much better at that new funky bar!)….out of brushing your teeth (I would feel so fresh, awake and alive if I used that new toothbrush with a rotating 360 degree, dentist-quality brush, surely!)…out of just about anything which has the right injection of aspiration.


So while you have to ensure your brand promise is on point, and your brand is authentic and genuine, with a clear scope and focus, you still have to add that touch of aspirational magic to excite, entice and energise your target market into action!

If you have any branding aches and pains you need seeing to, we’re happy to give your brand a health check.  Nothing excites, entices and energises us, at KDPR, more than a bit of branding.