It’s an exciting era for start-up companies to soar and work their way to the top!

With today’s technology and various media platforms, getting information in and out is easier than ever. Social media allows us to speak directly with our communities without the help from traditional mass media. So why should start-up companies – who usually struggle with tight communication budget – invest in PR?

  1. PR is not just marketing

Most start-up companies focus on marketing and sales. The right PR strategy will let you gain more than dollars: reputation. Often, the challenge for new up-and-running companies is to compete with a more established competitor, this is when reputation management works in start-up companies’ favour.

  1. PR is not advertising

PR support helps generate earned exposure. Yes, advertising placement allows companies to have more control over the content and timing – your ad may appear the way you want, when you want, and where you want it. However, exposure through PR efforts may appear to be more genuine and trustworthy, which are important elements to influence your consumer!

  1. PR helps build brand community

There is more to PR than media relations. A proper communication strategy helps companies amplify their message to a targeted segment, maintain relationships with relevant stakeholders, and form a brand community. It is beneficial for start-up companies to build their own network and community in order to grow into a more establish business.

Again, it is quite difficult to measure PR results in terms of Return of Investment. But it helps forming reputation and public perception, two things that money can’t buy!