In the life of a PR professional, you could brainstorm for hours or days about how you will carry out and pitch a campaign for a client.


In reality, we have a matter of seconds to pitch this to media; we have to make every second count.

In the new media world, where engagement is golden, it is not enough anymore to pitch with lengthy media releases.

Media expect to be wowed and their attention worked for.

So we, in the PR industry, are forced to get creative.

Cue, visual storytelling: A new and engaging method by which PR practitioners are now pitching their releases and campaigns.

This technique includes using engaging images and infographics that are compelling enough to make the journalist stop and simple enough for them to digest quickly.

You have probably heard the quote: “People will forget what you did, people will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

This is true for another element of visual storytelling; video.

The art of video storytelling is far more complex than simply filming a bit of footage and cutting it into a short and sweet package.

Viewers need to feel invested, they need to feel connected to your content and, most of all, they need to feel excited about your campaign.

For those willing to take the leap of faith into the new world of visual storytelling, they will reap the benefits of the practice and step into the future of campaign building before most.