Social media has a growing importance in the public relations industry. Not only is it required for internal purposes of raising brand awareness, effectively communicating with all stakeholders, potential clients and the general public but it is a business in itself. Bloggers, online magazines, social influencers – three social media sectors continuously growing.

When it comes to promoting products, the modern times and growing social media
environment means an effective form of publicity is achieved through sending a beautifully designed present (media drop) to influencers and media. One post can engage hundreds-of-thousands of followers, who have chosen to personally engage with the influencer. This in itself explains why the audience engagement of influencers is such an important market.

Social media engagement is also easy to collate results from. For instance, when a social media campaign beings, whether it is a blogger dinner, media drop or event, we monitor the increase in followers, increase of photos posted under the delegated hashtag and reach gained from each individual post.

Gone are the days of waiting for results, here are the
days of instant publication throughout events, with influencers collectively posting and reaching hundreds-of-thousands of people. This is why social media needs to be monitored, for the good events and for crisis communication. For the audience reach and monitoring comment and for internal purposes, so a company can constantly stay updated with public opinion.

KDPR work with influencers cohesively, with our clients, on many campaigns.

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