The Pope’s done it. The Queen’s photobombed one. Kim Kardashian has released an entire tome of them. Just raise your arm, duck face and voila- the selfie.

We live in the age of the selfie. A smart phone made self-portrait spread across Facebook and Instagram, a snapshot of where we are, what we’re doing and who we want people to think we are. Selfies are now so legitimate they are making careers as solidly and ill-advised tweeting is ending them. It’s even in the dictionary.

And now a Brisbane-based company, Serious Selfies,  is opening the field for all Australians to boost their profile and pocket a cool $10,000- the same as 6 months hard slog on The Block, it would seem. And all for doing what most of do regularly anyways.  A selfie. Serious Selfie is tapping into the trend, by launching the Hot Selfie competition. Australian residents (over the age of 16 as per the FB rules) simply enter the comp with a selfie- the most likes wins. There’s no  product placement, just click and you’re away.

So is it a sad indictment of the times? Or an avenue for people to raise their profile and profit from something they do anyway? And is it really very different from 16th century Lords posing in front of exotic fruits and fabrics, books and baubles indicating status and religion carefully placed in the background, while rosie cheeked cherubs gather at their feet?