Sharing important community messages and shining a light on the work one of our nation’s most imperative services, is one of the many rewarding parts of our roles as a communications agency.

Over the past four years, KDPR has been working with Kids Helpline (KHL) and yourtown to raise their profile, elevate their brand and disseminate key messages to the community.

Each year, KDPR works with KHL to release their annual Kids Helpline Insights report. The 2016 KHL Insights report, released in early April, sheds light on issues concerning Australia’s children and young people.

The report shared that the service has seen a 157 per cent increase in emergency duty of care interventions since 2012 and also highlighted that the intensity of support required by children and young people is increasing. This report provides essential data to assist both the service and policy makers to support children and young people who are at risk. It is a pleasure to be able to assist organisations like Kids Helpline to communicate and disseminate this important material.