Media Awareness package:

How to get the attention of media

What do media want and how can you give it to them.  Our package includes:

  • The media landscape
  • What do media look for – what makes something news
  • How to time and concept your creative campaign so it best suits your target media
  • Packaging for media – content creation, pitching, delivering the goods (in terms of talent and, literally, in the form of a media drop)
  • Digital media and how to reach that ‘reach’
  • Social media – you own it so take advantage of your social media content.
  • Leveraging influencers

Social Media package:

Boost your reach, encourage engagement and build your brand though our social media training package.

  • What are the platforms and am I using the right ones in the right ways?
  • Grow your followers organically
  • Encourage engagement through your content
  • Content planning vs spontaneous content – what works best?

Creative concepting package:

Creative concepting

From a germ of an idea, through to a concepted creative strategy, this package looks at:

  • Where to derive inspiration
  • How to assess if / to what extent / and how to scale the inspiration so it can be practically delivered
  • The litmus test. The number of tactics which the creative concept lends itself to, such as:
    • Mainstream media traction
    • Stakeholder communication
    • Social media elements
    • Target market events / activation
    • Digital elements – website and EDM inclusion
    • Direct mail
    • Guerilla campaigns
    • Live-streamed events
    • Collateral use
  • Developing your creative concept with originality in terms of the combination of elements and how they are delivered.