Brisbane investment management firm John Bridgeman, specialising in multi-strategy funds management, engaged KDPR for their initial public offering (IPO).

The listing of John Bridgeman was an unmitigated success, with the offering oversubscribed. The offering is the brainchild of Stuart McAuliffe, who comes to funds management via a background in finance, economics and history.

Mr McAuliffe said the fund he has managed for a number of years offered high returns with annual returns against ASX200, S&P500 and the Barclay Global Hedge Fund of 109.63% by a mix of investing globally across equities, bonds, currencies and commodities.

In an unusual step Mr McAuliffe said he is also proposing to take a Listed Investment Company, Henry Morgan Ltd, to IPO in coming weeks.

“This is a really exciting opportunity.” he said. “We have a great track record of outperformance in global markets. We are focused on global opportunities in the USA, Europe and Asia and the IPO provides investors a great opportunity to come on board and share in this established record and what we believe will be future success.”

A board consisting of well-respected Brisbane legal and financial minds including John McAuliffe AM, Ross Patane and Simon Richardson add their considerable expertise and credibility to what John Bridgeman Limited projects to accomplish. Brett Heading is Special Advisor to the Board.