As an intern you expect to be asked to do the coffee run or photocopying, simply being able to have the opportunity to be immersed in the environment and watch the PR Consultants work their magic is a privilege!

A KDPR intern is entrusted with such a wide variety of different tasks and activities, the experience you get is invaluable.

Appreciation of your contribution and effort towards a project is testimony to the talent and passion that underpins the success of KDPR, which makes this experience at a leading Public Relations and Communications agency, and as a KDPR intern the dream internship.

This year I have been introduced to a tempting and tantalising world, where I have learnt that infinity is your limit.

I have experienced an industry where creativity meets the corporate world to produce pure creative genius.

I’m simply the lucky one who has been given the chance to witness this ‘creative genius’, first hand.

My time with KDPR has exposed me to endless possibilities; the team at KDPR pass on their passion for what they do, through what they do every day, which I fear is a rare quality to find in businesses.

Having such an incredible range of experiences over the past 8 months, it’s hard to choose a one particular highlight so to touch on few; assisting in re-launching 4BC hosts for 2014, to drooling over the magnificent BoysTown prize homes, to the awe-inspiring work with Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation.

Not to mention compelling discussions held at Babes in Business workshops, and of course the fabulous Babes in Business Annual Lunch – there is not nearly enough space to revel them all!

All in all, I couldn’t begin to choose one main highlight for my time as a KDPR intern, I would honestly have to say the highlight of 2013 for me, is KDPR itself.