Cisco Systems predicts consumer internet video traffic will rise to 80 per cent of all consumer internet traffic in 2019. This means it’s more important than ever before for businesses across all industries to reassess their communications tactics, ensure their messages are told in creative ways and told through mediums their audience will engage with to help stay ahead of these trends.

IntegraPay offers end-to-end payment solutions to industries across Australia and are early adopters of new means of communication with their audiences and stakeholders.

KDPR and IntegraPay have been working collaboratively on a series of short, creative and digestible video storytelling pieces, which mix educational messaging with inspired visuals and assist to spread their message to a wide audience and increase cut through.

IntegraPay are at the forefront of their industry and we look forward to continuing to produce more amazing videography projects and assisting them with their strategic communications throughout the year.

You can see some of our past videography projects for IntegraPay below:

Graffiti Time-lapse
In-Video Payment Solutions
Juice Plus

For more information on IntegraPay and their services go to