Connecting with your audience

With a billion users on Facebook, including existing and prospective customers, the question being asked time and time again is, “how do I reach my online audience?”

The notion of simply posting to Facebook and hoping it reaches your followers and beyond, is purely wishful thinking.

As the social media landscape is in a constant flux, and with existing platforms like Facebook changing how they operate all the time, it’s important for businesses to stay on top of what’s new and how these changes affect them.

Here are three key things to remember when developing your Facebook strategy:

  • Facebook does not equal free advertising! – many brands have seen a gradual decline in organic reach and if businesses continue to use Facebook as a free marketing tool, they too are destined for the same fate. Which leads me to the next point…
  • Share engaging content – keep your posts real and think about what your fans like. It’s not always about selling your latest product or service, but sharing interesting content with them. It’s important to think about your brands personality, and keep your feelers out for doing more of what works and revising what doesn’t
  • Consider ad spend with Facebook – this is ideal for tailoring your content to a specific group of users that fit your target market. Used correctly, this would help connect you with a more engaged audience and drive traffic to your page or website. According to Nielsen’s Research in 2013, most online advertising only reaches 38% of its intended audience. Facebook’s average is 89%.