In your working life there are days when you are reminded why you slogged it out at University for three (maybe more) years. Last week I had one of those days.

Andrew Forrest & Renee Davie - BoysTown

The power of PR is an amazing thing to see in action. A quick phone call about an upcoming event can go from a blip on the radar to a major national news story in the space of a few hours, with the right strategic advice and correct development of activity from your PR team.

Last week we managed the media engagement around an announcement of a new program and partnership between mining magnate and founder of GenerationOne, Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest and our client BoysTown.

BoysTown Interview

The announcement detailed the creation of hundreds of jobs for indigenous people in Queensland.

KDPR ensured the positive news story was headlining the day’s news across most major channels.

But that doesn’t just happen.

There is much thought put into any announcement, particularly one of this scale.

Andrew Forrest addressing the media

Even with a famous face, such as Twiggy, combined with BoysTown, one of Australia’s leading charities, you still need to ensure you have the right angle to sell into your media contacts on the day of the event and that this angle is relevant to the current news cycle.

Then there are the physical tactics involved in putting together a successful media event.

These included drafting press releases and media alerts, getting approvals, locking in available spokespeople for phone interviews and photos prior to the event for pre-event coverage, media briefing, pitching to the media, following up the media, meeting the media on site, managing a major media pack who are all trying to get the best shot/footage, managing our own photographer, setting up one-on-one interviews on camera, managing radio interviews when there is a chance to break away from the pack.

Phew. I think I just held my breath.

The best part though is when it’s all over and the stories come out, that’s when you know you have been able to support and drive the conversation around these great BoysTown programs and hopefully compel people to donate to the cause or take on a BoysTown trainee into employment.

That is one of the main reasons I get out of bed in the morning. It can be a tough gig, but I love to do it.

BoysTown CEO Tracy Adams and Andrew Forrest

The agreement, which names the BoysTown program as a best practice for employment training across Australia, will mean guaranteed employment for hundreds of indigenous youth in South East Queensland.

BoysTown train over 3000 young people at the Logan training centre every year, 1500 of them come from the local Logan area which has one of Queensland’s highest youth unemployment rates.


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Andrew Forrest & BoysTown

BoysTown CEO Tracy Adams addressing the News