Words, for me, are an aphrodisiac. Delicious. Luminous. Intoxicating.

How joyous then it is to be working in a field where language is at the very heart of what we do. This is not to say that corporate communications is always about the language of love, but there is unquestionably an irresistible rhythm that kicks in when the words flow to help clients tell their stories.

I have just come out of one of our regular creative brainstorming sessions, chalk-boarding ideas for a client’s rebrand. What a wonderful language we have, so many words with so many subtle distinctions of meaning. Words that conjure up feelings and emotion and that inspire and challenge.

And yet, how easy it is to have words misconstrued, especially the written word, in a text or an email. How critical it is to choose the right words? Ones that truly resonate with your audience.

It got me thinking about some of my favourite words that say everything you need them to, some of them well overdue for a revival.

Frank Sinatra crooned that he “gets no kick from champagne”. For me, I get a kick out of wordplay.

Shemozzle. How good is that word? “It’s a bit of a shemozzle this party isn’t it?” Not a complete disaster. Not necessarily a flop, just a bit all over the shop, a shemozzle. Let’s bring back classic Australian words snazzy and frock, and while we’re at it, let’s pack ports not suitcases, take smokos, and tee up a pash.

I love the words divinity, bespoke, sublime and sundown. Munch and crunch. Bespoke and birdsong. Resilience and ambience.

And borrowed from the French, the original language of love: soiree, charade, protégé, formidable.

Frank Sinatra crooned that he “gets no kick from champagne”. For me, I get a kick out of wordplay, a clever turn of phrase, a little alliteration . And possibly a Sancerre at sundown.