Finding yourself struggling to develop innovative, creative ideas for your next work project? Or are you continually pushing deadlines to the last minute? There are hundreds of simple ways to improve your productivity at home and work that establish efficient and healthy habits. KDPR have compiled 4 tips and tricks to ensure you reap the long and short-term benefits of productivity.


  1. Lists are your best friend

Lists are the ultimate life hack for every mundane task and situation. Similar to entering a grocery store without a clear strategy, you’re going to forget a key ingredient you need for baking tonight’s dessert or, remembering on your commute home that you forgot to send that really important email at 10 this morning.

Lists help you stay focused, remain in control of situations and manage your time effectively. Jotting down reminders to yourself on sticky notes at your desk, or popping a great idea into Apple notes while you’re on the run are great tools to help you stay on track! Nothing beats the feeling of ticking off another task from your list, where you can visually see your accomplishments for the day, week, month or even year!

An important thing to keep in mind before creating lists is that deadlines are vital to ensuring lists are focused on productivity. It is recommended to compile tasks with similar time-lines together whether it be an hour or a monthly deadline. This will keep your tasks time focused and remind you of the expectations you had in mind when initially jotting down your objectives.

  1. Take breaks

There is nothing more brain numbing than sitting at a desk hour after hour without any relief from your computer monitor. Not only can taking scheduled, regular breaks improve your productivity, but they enhance focus on tasks and general happiness at work. The good news is the break can be as simple as stretching your legs, grabbing a coffee or breathing in some fresh air!

Without the relief well-earned breaks provide we tend to procrastinate, are slower in simple tasks and are prone to mistakes. While it can be stressful to step away, just remember that your mental health is far more important. Schedule a short break next time you find yourself drifting away from your desk, and see for yourself the great feeling that follows from stretching your legs and the productivity that is gained once you return!

  1. Make your space a distraction-free zone

We are all culprits for scrolling through social media at work, and spending longer than necessary reading the latest news headlines. A highly effective way to make your work more productive is to remove all distractions from your work space and disengage from social channels. Not only will you prevent time lost from checking your Twitter or Instagram every five minutes, but you will generally feel more connected to tasks at hand.

Having a clean and clear space to work is also effective to organise your thoughts and inspire creativity. Taking a few similar steps organising your desk will lead to great benefits and highly productive work – don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself!

  1. Set those goals sky high

Would you rather be the person who achieves their goal to earn $100,000 yearly and is content? Or are you the person who works towards $500,000 and falls just short of $450,000? At the end of the day, the person who aims higher than most will reap greater long-term benefits through their continual hard work and determination.

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that individuals who set ambitious goals tend to be more satisfied and happy than those whose expectations were lower. Having one huge, gigantic, enormous goal that continues to motivate your ambition to succeed in personal endeavours and professional aspirations will assist in consistently productive behaviour. Don’t sell yourself short – if you just miss your jump to the moon, at least you’ll land on the stars.

In summary, don’t sell yourself short and go for gold! With the Christmas period just around the corner, it is more important now than ever to develop productive habits that will see you thrive in busy environments.