It is all well and good to be disruptive and shake up the market but it is important to stop and think – is what we’re doing really disruptive or are we packaging something already in play and labeling it as disruptive.

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This term is commonly used throughout the tech and start-up industries, with brands and individuals flooding communications channels with grand claims of being disruptive. However, majority are simply implementing innovations that already exist in the market.

So, think you are being disruptive?

Before you go out and start dropping the ‘D’ bomb take a moment and ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I really being disruptive and am I telling the right people?
  • What has really brought on this disruptive change? Is there a bigger story I can be telling my stakeholders?
  • Do I understand my stakeholders and do I understand how they prefer to be communicated with?
  • How am I going to communicate what it is I am doing/have developed?

Innovating and making change within an organisation is very exciting and it has the capability to make a good brand great. These stories are what makes a brand come to life, don’t let these go past without telling the world.

For any business to grow and succeed they need to continually evaluate their offering, internal systems and processes. Telling this story to your stakeholders (especially your target market) is extremely important, it shows you are in touch with what your target market wants from your industry and you are aiming to deliver.

Having a strategic communications plan in place that succinctly tells everyone about your disruption will not only help to make your idea, app or concept easier to digest, it will help to elevate your brand and increase your market share.

Thinking forward and setting communications milestones for the duration of your disruption will help to keep you top of mind with your stakeholders. A strong communications plan will help to build initial momentum and continual evaluation of this will make sure you don’t miss a step.