Sharing the expertise of some of Queensland’s most dynamic and innovative small business owners, the Business Queensland podcast series touches on everything from resources to time management. “Business Learning from Business” podcasts are released each Tuesday and showcase a different business owner from across the state in industries such as eCommerce, beauty, tourism and food manufacturing. KDPR project managed and produced the project with our Director, Kristin Devitt, getting back to her journalistic roots.

The podcasts can be viewed on the Business Queensland website in the Business and Industry portal:


After working in the government sector on Indigenous training programs for 23 years, Julie-ann Lambourne saw an opportunity to improve education services. With this in mind, she started enVizion Group, a company dedicated to providing young people with better access to education and employment. The Group helps to alleviate generational unemployment as well as providing in-house and on-site training programs.

Lambourne talks networking and how she uses innovative methods of education to upskill trainees in remote areas. Listen here:


Paul Chaffey, owner of Taylor Safety Equipment, discusses how he balances a family-owned business with quality family time. Moving his family from Melbourne to Toowoomba, Chaffey and his wife Karen purchased Taylor Safety Equipment and developed it into an industry leading business. Chaffey highlights the importance of having a comprehensive inventory, positive customer service experience and ample knowledge of best practice. Listen here:

Working with your spouse may appear a difficult task for some, but Julia Powell emphasises the importance of switching off business-mode at the end of the day. Powell and her husband Shane did not intend to become pig farmers, but after planning moving to a farm in Far North Queensland, the former fashion designer decided it would be better to grow their own food. It was here that Backfatters Heritage Meats was born. Powell emphasises the importance of learning and developing new skills as well as the integral role mentors play in small business. Listen here: