At Tall Short Espresso on Paddington’s La Trobe Terrace, a customer walks in and orders a coffee- he then scans the QR code at the till with his smartphone and is rewarded with a complimentary muffin.

Welcome to the world of Zippy, the App not just changing the traditional way we do things but throwing it out the door and inventing something new.

The brainchild of Brisbane businessman Gerard Doyle, Zippy is an evolution in the way we shop.

It works by connecting customers with businesses both in-store and online, embracing both the ease and convenience of online shopping and the physical act of being out and about in your city.

To get the best offers available in your city, people download the Zippy App and claim the deals and rewards. No more wallets full of ‘buy 6 get 1 free’ loyalty cards.

Zippy is at the forefront of the use of iBeacon technology in Brisbane. Zippy’s iBeacons transmit a Bluetooth signal to the Zippy app on smart phones which can then trigger notifications about deals nearby.

In Australia, Zippy is giving small businesses, firstly in Brisbane, a chance to jump on this tech wave.

The Zippy founder describes the App as a logical progression from the daily deals and the hassle of a wallet full of reward cards.