Stunt activations are no quick gimmick

For companies willing to be a little creative and push the limits, stunt activations are the perfect way to take their brand to the people and the next level, all whilst creating strong leads and interactions with their target demographic.

We all know of a stunt gone wrong, or an attempted quick gimmick by a company, that has significantly backfired – but a well-executed, sophisticated activation can achieve very real and tangible results, elevating and positioning a brand in new light and attracting new customers.

The Red Bull Stratos stunt is known world-wide and created immeasurable cut-through for the brand, resulting in a hundred million cumulative views on YouTube. Everyone held their breath as Felix the astronaut jumped from space, free falling until he landed on the ground some 40 kilometres away. On Huffington Post alone we counted 18 articles about the event. The stunt even spawned a documentary “Space Jump” on National Geographic. The result of Stratos was a significant increase in Red Bull’s brand prestige, cementing themselves as an industry leader in energy drinks.

The truth is, you don’t need to jump from space to pull off successful stunt activations. The team at KDPR conceived and executed an “Unforgettable Proposal” event in Queen Street Mall for Valentine’s Day this past week. While not quite as adrenaline-charged as Stratos, it was successful in generating hundreds of thousands of impressions, interactions with the client’s brand and adding numerous potential new clients directly into to their database.

So what are the common themes of successful PR stunts? Firstly, they’re out of the ordinary and are specifically designed to create a sensory or emotive reaction from the target demographic. They also have a creative premise that relates directly to the brand and the brand’s personality. For instance, Red Bull associates itself with extreme sports and adventure, so jumping from space takes the brand to new heights…quite literally. Finally, these events had PR firms and practitioners behind them who ensured smooth logistics, brand alignment, audience engagement, partnership negation and delivery as well, of course, as media coverage.

So if this has you excited to extend your brand a little further and contemplate how a stunt activation could work for your company, please give us a call. We promise we won’t encourage anyone to do a space jump 40 kilometres above the earth’s surface but we can’t promise the concept won’t be just as exciting.

2016 Sensis Social Media Report

The annual Sensis Social Media Report – a survey of 800 consumers, 1000 small to medium businesses, and 100 large businesses – provides valuable insights into the social media habits of Australian consumers and businesses.

It informs the decision-making of business owners around their exploration of the cost-effective digital avenues of the online world. It’s an important tool by which they improve customer engagement and target marketing efforts toward a specific audience. The increasingly large number of Australians that use it has cemented social media as one of the most effective weapons for communicating with and advertising to consumers.

According to the report, the average Australian owns three internet-enabled devices – most commonly smartphones – which provide instantaneous, around-the-clock access to social media. It found we spend more than 12 hours per week on Facebook alone, the vast majority accessing social media sites multiple times each day.

Businesses are taking notice, but it comes as little surprise that many of them struggle to keep pace with the rapidly evolving online landscape generally, and social media specifically.

Facebook was overwhelmingly the most popular platform among businesses, used by 89 per cent of small, 79 per cent of medium and 89 per cent of large businesses respectively. Conversely, a much lower proportion of businesses said they used Instagram, with only 12 per cent of small, 28 per cent of medium and 42 per cent of large businesses active on the platform.

This is interesting, and at KDPR the figures struck us as counterintuitive. Through our experience in public relations, consulting regularly with clients on social media, we have found, on average, Instagram to be the most effective platform. It seems strange that so few businesses have invested in it.

This anecdotal evidence shows the effectiveness of social media channels is highly circumstantial and should be assessed on case-by-case basis. What works best for one company might not for another and results achieved online are likely to vary based on the size and nature of a business, and its audience.

While useful, studies like the Sensis Social Media Report should not be taken as gospel. Businesses should not be afraid to experiment with a variety of different social media platforms until they find the one that works best for them.

Five Good Friends

Did you know, in Australia, 85 per cent of working women aged 45 and over are providing or organising the help and care for a loved one or ageing parent? The issue of ageing, how you want to age and finding adequate in-home aged care for your parents, is a growing concern, with many baby boomers wanting to control the ageing process with flexibility, transparency and independence – which Five Good Friends offer. Like all our clients, Five Good Friends is a leader in the industry and are continuing to revolutionise in-home aged care, with their national roll-out this year.

In November 2016, KDPR helped launch Five Good Friends, a business reinventing in-home aged care by creating the first “successful Ageing Platform”. Five Good Friends has had fantastic feedback since their launch in Brisbane last November, you may have seen the launch on Channel 9, Channel 10 and Channel 7! KDPR loves working with Five Good Friends and we look forward to the exciting future media opportunities, as they continue to deliver their services nation-wide.

Renee’s Runway

KDPR is working with Brisbane born fashion influencer, Renee Lee, who is currently soaking up the elegance and luxury of London Fashion Week. Renee has been invited to attend the fashion week as a guest of Net- A- Porter.

The team at KDPR are excited to continue working with Renee, to showcase her distinctive style through events and the launch of her exciting new project in March.

To see some of Renee’s designer pieces go to her Instagram @Reneesrunway

Xennox Diamonds

KDPR helped Xennox Diamonds celebrate the day of love in spectacular fashion, executing a remarkable stunt activation in the heart of the CBD.

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular on the calendar for proposals and there was no shortage of lovebirds that jumped at the chance to be a part of this incredible event.

Xennox, in collaboration with Unforgettable Proposals, Treasury Brisbane, Daisy’s Florist and Brisbane BMW, we were able to create an unforgettable experience for one lucky couple – turning their dream proposal into reality.

Those with the courage to pop the question in a busy Queen St Mall on February 14 were asked to describe in 25 words or less what they most adored about their partner.

More than 200 applied for the chance to win a prize package that included:

  • An Unforgettable Proposals display installed in the Queen Street Mall
  • A bespoke diamond ring valued at $5,000 designed by Managing Director of Xennox Diamonds, Karl Schwantes
  • An Unforgettable Proposals date experience
  • Overnight stay at Treasury Brisbane, including breakfast and valet parking
  • BMW for the weekend
  • Daisy’s boutique flower decorations

Stunned onlookers and television news crews waited with bated breath as a young girl was led blindfolded to her lover – standing nervously in front of an elaborate flower wall – completely unaware of the scene unfolding before her.

Having reluctantly volunteered for a street magic performance while on her way to meet her mother for lunch, the genuine surprise on her face was hard to miss when the blindfold was removed.

It made for a compelling and touching moment on the most romantic day of the year and the event was a resounding success.

For more information on Xennox Diamonds, visit the website:


Cisco Systems predicts consumer internet video traffic will rise to 80 per cent of all consumer internet traffic in 2019. This means it’s more important than ever before for businesses across all industries to reassess their communications tactics, ensure their messages are told in creative ways and told through mediums their audience will engage with to help stay ahead of these trends.

IntegraPay offers end-to-end payment solutions to industries across Australia and are early adopters of new means of communication with their audiences and stakeholders.

KDPR and IntegraPay have been working collaboratively on a series of short, creative and digestible video storytelling pieces, which mix educational messaging with inspired visuals and assist to spread their message to a wide audience and increase cut through.

IntegraPay are at the forefront of their industry and we look forward to continuing to produce more amazing videography projects and assisting them with their strategic communications throughout the year.

You can see some of our past videography projects for IntegraPay below:

Graffiti Time-lapse
In-Video Payment Solutions
Juice Plus

For more information on IntegraPay and their services go to

Social Media has become a vital tool for connecting companies to their target markets. It has the potential to boost company reputation and facilitate consumer communication. However, two-way communication can go wrong and end up working against an organisation.   Social media has created a whole new way for organisational crisis to begin and escalate.   Everyone is at risk of getting caught in a social media crisis and because of this it is important for organisations to not only try to prevent them but also know what to do when prevention fails.


The best thing an organisation can do is have a strategy plan for a crisis.  This should be communicated and explained to all involved staff, it should be documented and easily accessible.   The strategy plan should include how the organisation is going to act during a crisis, including how they are going to communicate to key publics. It should also include a plan for conflict resolution and guidance about litigation.

Organisations should designate a crisis management team. The crisis management team should have allocated tasks, for example monitoring social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), and providing a questions and answers service for key publics.

This team should be fully equipped with the skills to determine what defines a true crisis for the organisation.

The team should first look at the influence that the commenter or ‘troll’ has. The next thing to consider is if anyone from the public is aware of the threat. The team needs to consider whether or not the criticism being made is a new threat to the organisation, for example, MAC Cosmetics are often criticised for their use of animal testing, therefore a post about animal testing would not create a crisis for this organisation. Finally, the team needs to consider the actual impact the threat has on the organisation before determining if it is a crisis and formulating a response. It is important to remember to always respond. This can be done by messaging the commenter and asking for their personal email where a respond can be sent.

The organisation should allocate a key spokesperson for the duration of the crisis.  The spokesperson should be adequately trained in how to respond on social media on behalf of the company.  The key spokesperson’s main responsibility is to communicate with employees, media and the influencers about the crisis.

By creating a strong social media crisis management plan and by forming a skill crisis management team an organisation is able to prepare themselves for a social media threat and any potential crisis.

Four ways to boost productivity

Finding yourself struggling to develop innovative, creative ideas for your next work project? Or are you continually pushing deadlines to the last minute? There are hundreds of simple ways to improve your productivity at home and work that establish efficient and healthy habits. KDPR have compiled 4 tips and tricks to ensure you reap the long and short-term benefits of productivity.


  1. Lists are your best friend

Lists are the ultimate life hack for every mundane task and situation. Similar to entering a grocery store without a clear strategy, you’re going to forget a key ingredient you need for baking tonight’s dessert or, remembering on your commute home that you forgot to send that really important email at 10 this morning.

Lists help you stay focused, remain in control of situations and manage your time effectively. Jotting down reminders to yourself on sticky notes at your desk, or popping a great idea into Apple notes while you’re on the run are great tools to help you stay on track! Nothing beats the feeling of ticking off another task from your list, where you can visually see your accomplishments for the day, week, month or even year!

An important thing to keep in mind before creating lists is that deadlines are vital to ensuring lists are focused on productivity. It is recommended to compile tasks with similar time-lines together whether it be an hour or a monthly deadline. This will keep your tasks time focused and remind you of the expectations you had in mind when initially jotting down your objectives.

  1. Take breaks

There is nothing more brain numbing than sitting at a desk hour after hour without any relief from your computer monitor. Not only can taking scheduled, regular breaks improve your productivity, but they enhance focus on tasks and general happiness at work. The good news is the break can be as simple as stretching your legs, grabbing a coffee or breathing in some fresh air!

Without the relief well-earned breaks provide we tend to procrastinate, are slower in simple tasks and are prone to mistakes. While it can be stressful to step away, just remember that your mental health is far more important. Schedule a short break next time you find yourself drifting away from your desk, and see for yourself the great feeling that follows from stretching your legs and the productivity that is gained once you return!

  1. Make your space a distraction-free zone

We are all culprits for scrolling through social media at work, and spending longer than necessary reading the latest news headlines. A highly effective way to make your work more productive is to remove all distractions from your work space and disengage from social channels. Not only will you prevent time lost from checking your Twitter or Instagram every five minutes, but you will generally feel more connected to tasks at hand.

Having a clean and clear space to work is also effective to organise your thoughts and inspire creativity. Taking a few similar steps organising your desk will lead to great benefits and highly productive work – don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself!

  1. Set those goals sky high

Would you rather be the person who achieves their goal to earn $100,000 yearly and is content? Or are you the person who works towards $500,000 and falls just short of $450,000? At the end of the day, the person who aims higher than most will reap greater long-term benefits through their continual hard work and determination.

A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research found that individuals who set ambitious goals tend to be more satisfied and happy than those whose expectations were lower. Having one huge, gigantic, enormous goal that continues to motivate your ambition to succeed in personal endeavours and professional aspirations will assist in consistently productive behaviour. Don’t sell yourself short – if you just miss your jump to the moon, at least you’ll land on the stars.

In summary, don’t sell yourself short and go for gold! With the Christmas period just around the corner, it is more important now than ever to develop productive habits that will see you thrive in busy environments.

Icon Group

Icon Group is taking the healthcare industry by storm, with Icon Cancer Care being the first in Brisbane to introduce the Paxman Scalp Cooling System. The system is currently used across 32 countries worldwide and will be made available at the Wesley Centre for Icon Cancer Care patients.


The move is the latest in a series of innovative steps for Icon Group, being amongst the top ten healthcare companies in Australia.

Icon Group has a fantastic working relationship with KDPR. Exciting plans and projects are on the horizon for this collaboration that will aid in the success of Icon Group’s future endeavours.

For more information on Icon Group, visit the website:

Xennox Diamonds & Women In Media

Women in Media (WIM) serves as a positive mentoring initiative that supports and nurtures women working in all areas of media.


The WIM End of Year Lunch, was held on the 19th November, and raised money for women working in media and related industries. The money raised will go towards providing scholarship and professional development opportunities; helping women stand out, flourish and shine as polished professionals.

At the lunch Caity Stone won a diamond ring valued at $10,000 designed by Xennox Diamond’s Managing Director and Head Designer, Karl Schwantes and his team of master craftsmen.

It was KDPR’s honour to help establish the partnership between WIM and Xennox Diamonds, helping deliver the perfect raffle prize and help women shine in their industry.

For more information on Women in Media, visit the website:  

For more information on Xennox Diamonds, visit the website:

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