Having effective communication skills when working in public relations is essential for PR projects and assignments to run smoothly and to their fullest potential.

There are some certain tips and tricks that lead to great communication whilst working in PR, here are a few:

  1. The importance of two-way communication

Two-way communication between multiple parties is essential in order for projects to run smoothly. This is particularly important between the PR professionals and their client.  Clear, two-way communication allows for prompt responses to shifting priorities and identification of any amazing possibilities as well as identification of any issues.  PR agency staff work best as an extension of the in-house team, kept constantly in the loop of communication.

  1. The importance of constant communication

It is important for there to be constant communication throughout the three main stages of a PR project. These are:

  • Strategy development, goals and target setting
  • Delivery
  • Post project feedback and reporting

Clear communication at the start of a project ensures strategic goals are set and targets are well-defined.  Communication is important during the delivery phase of a project to ensure priorities haven’t shifted and the tactics are working effectively.  The final phase of the project is recognition of all the work and feedback on its effectiveness.

  1. The importance of effective written communication

Between all the phone calls and meetings the importance and effectiveness of a well-written piece can often be forgotten. Written communication is time-efficient and allows for specific goals and targets to be defined.  The result is less misinterpretation – the communique will be ‘archived’, the content to seen and saved.  Written forms of communication can also help create ‘templates’ for how the PR business has previously dealt with projects and obstacles in the past.

These tips and tricks are stepping stones to happy, healthy, effective communication – the cornerstone to a great PR/client relationship.

How to: Nail an interview

The prospect of a media interview can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking but it doesn’t have to be!  Those who haven’t had proper media training can find the approach by media anxiety-producing.  At KDPR we boast a broad array of experience and skill in the media realm.  Our Managing Director spent many years being the one giving the interviews at Network Ten.  Our staff are either trained journalists or work with media, knowing what they want and how they want it, every day.

If you’re feeling daunted or overwhelmed by the prospect of media interviews, there’s no need to panic!  KDPR offers excellent media training services for those preparing for a media interview.   After a session with us you’ll know exactly what to expect and how to get your message right.

In the meantime, we have developed a range of quick tips for interviews with print, radio and TV journalists.

The Basics

When giving an interview you have to be prepared to deliver a perfect performance. Although it is possible for some to ‘wing it’, being organised is a must for the majority of us. You need to understand how the media works and how journalists think in order to tailor an effective message. Aim to develop three core messages, and don’t forget to pay attention to nonverbal language (dress code, eye contact, even tone of voice!)

Print Interview

Print interviews are generally conducted over the phone.  They are usually more in-depth than a radio grab or a voice-to-camera television piece, so it’s essential to bring your notes. Remember that even though the interview is via phone, journalists can quickly tell if you mean what you’re saying. Don’t be afraid to be animated while you speak!

Radio Interview

Radio interviews are also done mostly over the phone. This medium is as instantaneous as it gets, so ensure you’ve done your preparation and developed core messages before the interview. Keep your answers concise and try to have fun; never underestimate the power of an engaging tone of voice.

TV Interview

This is often labelled the most ‘daunting’ of the three mediums. Bearing that in mind, remember to relax! There is a performance aspect to an excellent TV interview; you must be engaging but not overbearing. Stick to your key messages, but not too religiously, or your message will come across as artificial.

We won’t deny it; media interviews can be completely overwhelming if you aren’t prepared. Our media training services are designed to prepare you for absolutely anything that comes your way in an interview. Ask us for help at KDPR; we’ll make sure you get your message right.

Brisbane corporates and media were in for a treat this month, when GoFetch launched and KDPR introduced the brand personally to key targets.

KDPRs strategic corporate and media drops have been a great way to warm up a cool market and have ensured the brand values and key messages were effectively delivered – in a fun, eye-catching way.

Staff were adorned in corporate colours and branded pink t-shirts, carrying Winston (our office mini dachshund) and armed with GoFetch goodie bags.

The revolutionary delivery company allows Fetchers to deliver anything that may have been forgotten, required or needed to be sent – efficiently and professionally.

At KDPR we find the concept incredibly handy, especially as we are constantly sending documents and packages to media and influencers.   We are excited for what’s coming up in the next couple of weeks…stay tuned…it may involve puppies (well a lot of puppies) right near you!

You may have read our opinion piece a month or two ago about corporate partnerships, how to nail them and why they’re important.  Client and payment specialist IntegraPay have proved us right and announced a national partnership with Beyond Bank Australia.

This unique collaboration is set to deliver superior payment solutions to Beyond Bank’s business customers. IntegraPay’s integration with Beyond Bank’s payment system will offer e-commerce solutions including payments through websites, videos or phone, transforming customers’ recurring and one-off payment processes.

Importantly, the partnership between IntegraPay and Beyond Bank provides customers with peace of mind knowing their transactions are secure.

This announcement has seen great success with media outlets including Business Franchisor Australia and New Zealand, My Business and EGlobal Travel with more in the pipeline.

Following this success, KDPR is working with both organisations to provide exceptional videography.  Our video storytelling will amplify the partnership importance and uniqueness.

IntegraPay is working hard to shake up the industry and KDPR is right alongside them providing the media support required to announce all of their amazing work.

Born in Paris, the city of love, the intimate and provocative art of cabaret has evolved into one of the most captivating live performance genres– an eclectic mix of music, dance, drama and comedy.

After three successful years, the Queensland Cabaret Festival is returning in 2017. This year boasts an impressive selection of international and Australian performers ready to set stages alight at Brisbane Powerhouse, Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) and Queensland Multicultural Centre this June.

This year’s Festival is brimming with internationally-acclaimed talent including iconic Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly with Irish chanteuse Camille O’Sullivan; Grammy award-winning jazz guitarist Bill Frisell; star of stage and screen Alan Cumming; The Cat Empire’s front man Felix Riebl; and the world-renowned Sierra Boggess on her debut Australian tour.

Opening the Festival is acclaimed actor and singer Michael Tuahine, in his Queensland Cabaret festival debut show ‘Song Lines’.

KDPR has been working with Brisbane Powerhouse to deliver media and public relations services in the last few months to ensure Queensland is aware of this fantastic festival and what is on offer.

If you come along, you will definitely see some of the KDPR staff singing and dancing along to their favourite sultry tunes.

To buy tickets go to:

Queensland Performers Academy on Juiced TV

This week KDPR worked with Juiced TV (a TV programme for children in Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital), featuring members of the Queensland Performer’s Academy (QPA) dancing, acting and singing.

QPA Director Grace Willet and dance instructor Sophie Mather hosted a dance workshop – Superhero themed of course – demonstrating the importance and empowerment of dance.

KDPR enjoyed working with both QPA and Juiced TV, to deliver this programme. The KDPR team found it fulfilling to deliver an experience for patients and families of the hospital, bringing a smile to the faces of sick children.

Adorned in diamonds and drinking fine vodka, what’s not to like? This month KDPR worked with our client, Xennox Diamonds, to launch Vodka Plus in Brisbane.

From acai berry, to apple and spice, the flavours of Vodka Plus surprised and pleased attendees as they admired Xennox Diamonds’ extensive range of jewellery. KDPR engaged with key Brisbane socialites, influencers and media by bringing both brands together in a creative media drop and launch event. Diamonds, fruit, Vodka Plus bottles and Xennox Diamond’s engraved glasses were elegantly wrapped and sent to key invitees to welcome them to the launch. The campaign received strong social media traction from the media drops and event attendees, reaching more than 220,000 people. It doesn’t end there, there are great things in store for Xennox Diamonds and the Vodka Plus brands’ collaboration, with the exciting Bondi espresso martini launching later this month.

Like many people, we enjoy internationally-exclusive champagne and are thrilled to announce our Marketing Communications Partnership with Effervescence Champagne Festival.

KDPR will be working with Effervescence on media, partnerships, social media, event attendance and further campaign elements. We also have fantastic discounts on offer for you, our KDPR friends! Enter the following codes when booking tickets to receive these discounts:

  • KDPR3 – $600 discount per couple for the 3 night package
  • KDPR2 – $400 discount per couple for the 2 night package

To book tickets for the festival go to

KDPR’s Creative Packages June 2017

Media Awareness package:

How to get the attention of media

What do media want and how can you give it to them.  Our package includes:

  • The media landscape
  • What do media look for – what makes something news
  • How to time and concept your creative campaign so it best suits your target media
  • Packaging for media – content creation, pitching, delivering the goods (in terms of talent and, literally, in the form of a media drop)
  • Digital media and how to reach that ‘reach’
  • Social media – you own it so take advantage of your social media content.
  • Leveraging influencers

Social Media package:

Boost your reach, encourage engagement and build your brand though our social media training package.

  • What are the platforms and am I using the right ones in the right ways?
  • Grow your followers organically
  • Encourage engagement through your content
  • Content planning vs spontaneous content – what works best?

Creative concepting package:

Creative concepting

From a germ of an idea, through to a concepted creative strategy, this package looks at:

  • Where to derive inspiration
  • How to assess if / to what extent / and how to scale the inspiration so it can be practically delivered
  • The litmus test. The number of tactics which the creative concept lends itself to, such as:
    • Mainstream media traction
    • Stakeholder communication
    • Social media elements
    • Target market events / activation
    • Digital elements – website and EDM inclusion
    • Direct mail
    • Guerilla campaigns
    • Live-streamed events
    • Collateral use
  • Developing your creative concept with originality in terms of the combination of elements and how they are delivered.

Facebook recently introduced new features: Facebook Live and Facebook Story. Both features incorporate video content in a slightly different way than just uploading a new video. Of course, both features has its upside and downside. Now, what are they, and how can we use it in PR?

Facebook Live

This feature enables the user to broadcast live videos, directly to their news feed and their story, from their devices so their followers on Facebook can watch the video as they record it! Another upside is that friends and followers get notified when you start to go live, so it is more engaging than just uploading videos. Viewers can still leave comments, likes, or share the video as it’s being broadcasted, which leads to better interaction with the audience.

Broadcasting live videos can be risky – what if something goes wrong? Hence, preparation is critical. Run your script and do a practice video to minimize the risk!

Facebook Live could be a suitable option to broadcast an event, allowing anyone to access and be involve in the event from anywhere.

Facebook Story

This feature allows user to share short videos instantly, with lots of editing option (fun filters, text, geotag). Unlike Facebook live, your story will only be accessible for 24 hours after you post it and viewers can only respond with direct message – messages are not made public, therefore Facebook Story is more suitable for direct interaction with individuals.

Given its short availability on the internet, try not to rely on this feature for important announcements and information if you don’t have a huge following. However, Facebook Story is great to keep you Facebook account active and interactive! It’s also great for ‘behind the scenes’ of your project or event. It may work as a ‘teaser’ video to build people’s curiosity and strengthen the buzz.