Facebook recently introduced new features: Facebook Live and Facebook Story. Both features incorporate video content in a slightly different way than just uploading a new video. Of course, both features has its upside and downside. Now, what are they, and how can we use it in PR?

Facebook Live

This feature enables the user to broadcast live videos, directly to their news feed and their story, from their devices so their followers on Facebook can watch the video as they record it! Another upside is that friends and followers get notified when you start to go live, so it is more engaging than just uploading videos. Viewers can still leave comments, likes, or share the video as it’s being broadcasted, which leads to better interaction with the audience.

Broadcasting live videos can be risky – what if something goes wrong? Hence, preparation is critical. Run your script and do a practice video to minimize the risk!

Facebook Live could be a suitable option to broadcast an event, allowing anyone to access and be involve in the event from anywhere.

Facebook Story

This feature allows user to share short videos instantly, with lots of editing option (fun filters, text, geotag). Unlike Facebook live, your story will only be accessible for 24 hours after you post it and viewers can only respond with direct message – messages are not made public, therefore Facebook Story is more suitable for direct interaction with individuals.

Given its short availability on the internet, try not to rely on this feature for important announcements and information if you don’t have a huge following. However, Facebook Story is great to keep you Facebook account active and interactive! It’s also great for ‘behind the scenes’ of your project or event. It may work as a ‘teaser’ video to build people’s curiosity and strengthen the buzz.

It’s an exciting era for start-up companies to soar and work their way to the top!

With today’s technology and various media platforms, getting information in and out is easier than ever. Social media allows us to speak directly with our communities without the help from traditional mass media. So why should start-up companies – who usually struggle with tight communication budget – invest in PR?

  1. PR is not just marketing

Most start-up companies focus on marketing and sales. The right PR strategy will let you gain more than dollars: reputation. Often, the challenge for new up-and-running companies is to compete with a more established competitor, this is when reputation management works in start-up companies’ favour.

  1. PR is not advertising

PR support helps generate earned exposure. Yes, advertising placement allows companies to have more control over the content and timing – your ad may appear the way you want, when you want, and where you want it. However, exposure through PR efforts may appear to be more genuine and trustworthy, which are important elements to influence your consumer!

  1. PR helps build brand community

There is more to PR than media relations. A proper communication strategy helps companies amplify their message to a targeted segment, maintain relationships with relevant stakeholders, and form a brand community. It is beneficial for start-up companies to build their own network and community in order to grow into a more establish business.

Again, it is quite difficult to measure PR results in terms of Return of Investment. But it helps forming reputation and public perception, two things that money can’t buy!

KDPR’s creative packages

It’s getting to crunch time for businesses, let KDPR help you put your best foot forward with our three newest creative packages.

Refine your pitch – start-up / entrepreneurship package

As a start-up you’re passionate about your burgeoning business.  You breathe it in every minute of the day and know the ins and outs. However, do you know how to contain your enthusiasm and deliver an eloquent pitch that speaks to potential investors, media and your key stakeholders?

We can assist you with the following to make your pitch, perfect:

  • Refining your elevator pitch
  • Developing your key messages
  • Knowing your target markets and segmentation
  • Practicing your presentation
  • Copywriting briefing documents for investors
  • Assisting you with branding assets – taglines, slogans, logos
  • Writing for web – make your website sing with on-point copywriting
  • Social media content plans and handle creation – make your digital profile match your business objectives

Annual report season – copywriting and design package

Reporting season is upon us and as EOFY approaches, attention turns to the annual report.  KDPR is very experienced in developing an annual report which provides Board members and key stakeholders a 360 degree look at the company’s position.

KDPR can assist you with the following:

  • Annual report structure development to ensure as a company you are presenting your best side, while still acknowledging room for improvement
  • Development of the look and feel for the annual report
  • Ensuring the annual report can double as a key marketing asset for the coming year
  • Copywriting
  • Design and delivery project management

Professional development packages – tailored IMC training packages

Before the year passes us by, ensure your employees have fulfilled their professional development needs for the year. KDPR can tailor an integrated marketing communications training package for your employees’ professional development needs and your marketing communications spend. Items could include:

  • Media training – how to speak to media and deliver key messages
  • Presentation training – learning how to present eloquently and persuasively
  • Social media training – how to develop content plans, develop hashtags and get the most out of your digital profile
  • Media release writing – how to structure a media release to have cut-through
  • Media angle development – what are the media interested in? How do you know which of your stories are the ones to pursue?

Queensland history under the spotlight

The bastion of Queensland’s collective knowledge, the State Library of Queensland, has recently joined the KDPR family of clients. We are working with SLQ to launch two new exhibitions this year – Freedom Then, Freedom Now and Don’t Just Count Us, Let Us Count!

Launching to the public on Friday May 5, the two complementary exhibitions implore us to look at questions of freedom and social liberty – to see where we’ve come from and help us with the ideation of where we’re going.

For the first time in Queensland’s history, artifacts such as the suitcase of Indigenous rights’ activist Lambert McBride (1918 – 2002), will be displayed to the public. The battered red suitcase was used to carry pamphlets during McBride’s tireless campaigning for Aboriginal rights throughout Queensland, encouraging people to register for the electoral roll.

For more information on the exhibition of the State Library if Queensland go to

Brisbane Powerhouse smashes records

Brisbane Powerhouse announced its greatest quarter in its 16 year history, breaking sales records, reaching new audiences, and supporting more local and independent artists than ever before. KDPR couldn’t be prouder of the work achieved by our client and the agency. To have such a collaborative client means together, we can achieve amazing things.


Between November 2016 and March 2017, Brisbane Powerhouse presented three major Festivals – Wonderland, MELT and Brisbane Comedy Festival – as well as 20 individual productions.

Expanding to three theatres at Brisbane City Hall, as well as all of Brisbane Powerhouse, the 2017 Brisbane Comedy Festival set an all-time record of 55,099 attendees, growing 23 per cent in one year.

These results are matched by MELT attendances growing more than 25 per cent in 2017, and Wonderland festival catering to 24,980 attendees, its highest in history. This follows sold out seasons of shows as diverse as American singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer, UK’s RIP Production’s Graeme of Thrones, French contemporary music royalty Nouvelle Vague, and ABC TV’s Operation Ouch.

Wonderland and MELT featured 239 local performers and artists, all of whom took home 100 per cent net box office. Highlighting local artists and supporting them as much as we can will always be a priority for Brisbane Powerhouse.

909 Brisbane artists were represented at the venue in the last 12 months, which is almost triple what it was three years ago.

After such a successful six months, we can’t wait to see what we can help smash out of the park in the coming months.

Designer fashion direct from the runway

From providing social media photography and content advice, profiling Renee at London Fashion Week, to launching Renee’s next big venture, working with fashion icon and owner of Renee’s Runway, Renee Lee, has certainly been a very chic and diverse campaign for the KDPR team.


Renee is a third generation expert in the fashion industry and is revolutionising the attainability of designer clothing.

This week, KDPR assisted Renee to launch her exciting new project Runway Rentals, offering attainability to designer brands, for a fraction of the price. A raft of Brisbane’s fashion elite attended the event, sipping bubbles whilst enjoying a showcase of Renee’s favourites from the collection.

High-end and vintage pieces from international luxurious designer brands like Saint Laurent, Chloe and Gucci and Australia designers Rebecca Vallance and Isabel Marant will be available both online and for hire at Renee’s showroom in Paddington.

For more information:

A poppy tribute to our diggers

Last month, we announced our excitement to work with the team at the Grand Central Hotel. Since signing, the KDPR team have hit the ground running, adorning the beautiful heritage building in poppies for a public art installation, paying homage to all Australian diggers.

The collaborative tribute, which featured handmade poppies inscribed with peace messages by Brisbane school children and was designed by Brisbane artist and architect, Suzanne Bosanquet, has been featured on the ABC, Channel 7, both the Sunday and Courier Mail as well as many more.

We would like to thank All Hallows’ School, Ambrose Treacy College, Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Somerville House and West End State School, for being part of this project and contributing to Brisbane’s first poppy wall installation.

The installation will remain up for the next two weeks.

There is a lot more in store for the Grand Central Hotel over the coming months and the team are looking forward to some riotous activations and sharing the history of the hotel with you all.

Launched earlier this month peer-to-peer delivery service provider, GoFetch is already making waves in the Brisbane market.

Even prior to officially launching in Brisbane, the Australian-made delivery start-up signed more than 80 Fetchers, all keen to embrace the flexible working method and made more than 100 deliveries to individuals and businesses.

The app has a suite of services and deals available for businesses and caters to everything from one document to moving hundreds of items. The thing we love here at KDPR is that app provides an innovative CSV bulk upload system, meaning you can upload multiple jobs and different addresses directly into the system and it provides a calendar of bookings to load jobs days in advance.

Ooh how we love the way technology can simplify our lives and increase productivity! Keep your eyes peeled for a pop of bright pink in the CBD over the next couple of weeks – and we hope you’ll GoFetch too.

For more information on GoFetch go to

Insights into young Australians

Sharing important community messages and shining a light on the work one of our nation’s most imperative services, is one of the many rewarding parts of our roles as a communications agency.

Over the past four years, KDPR has been working with Kids Helpline (KHL) and yourtown to raise their profile, elevate their brand and disseminate key messages to the community.

Each year, KDPR works with KHL to release their annual Kids Helpline Insights report. The 2016 KHL Insights report, released in early April, sheds light on issues concerning Australia’s children and young people.

The report shared that the service has seen a 157 per cent increase in emergency duty of care interventions since 2012 and also highlighted that the intensity of support required by children and young people is increasing. This report provides essential data to assist both the service and policy makers to support children and young people who are at risk. It is a pleasure to be able to assist organisations like Kids Helpline to communicate and disseminate this important material.

Client Wins

Grand Central Hotel

Brisbane has a great history to share. One of Brisbane’s oldest bars, Grand Central Hotel has contracted KDPR to excite locals with the long-lasting history the hotel has to offer.

KDPR will be working with the team and other stakeholders to develop an exciting strategic communications plan.

For more information go to:


KDPR is very pleased to welcome new client GoFetch into our client family. GoFetch is a Melbourne-based peer-to-peer delivery service provider. While they revolutionised courier services down in Victoria, their launch in Queensland will be assisted by KDPR team.

The team at KDPR are planning exciting stunt activations for the launch of the innovative delivery system for local businesses across Queensland.

For more information go to: 

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