KDPR is proud to announce our partnership with Queensland’s American Chamber of Commerce in Australia (AmCham). AmCham provides its members with the opportunity to network with Australian and US representatives in a number of industries. AmCham also advocates for members in governments both in Australia and the US.

Helping businesses develop their corporate partnerships is a core service of KDPR’s. Corporate partnerships for businesses should allow for growth for both parties not just in exposure to new customer bases but in capitalising on the strengths of each company.

KDPR has collated its top tips to help you decide whether a corporate partnership is what your business needs.

  • Map out a plan: what is the purpose of forming your partnership?
  • Have a strategy for your own business and the partnership: knowing where your company sits and where you want the business to benefit will allow for clarity of direction for both parties.
  • Determine prospective partners: does the company share the same values and proximity to your business – will time zones and travel affect the partnership, does the company have complementary products or services to your own, do both parties benefit, do they have the same target market?

If you think your company is ready to partner with another organisation but have no idea where to start or who to go to, KDPR can assist.