The Team

Lead by Managing Director Kristin Devitt, we are an agency of highly creative and motivated consultants trained in journalism, public relations, marketing, design, digital media and programming.

We draw on our combined knowledge and experience to provide the very best advice for clients and are always seeking innovative ways to problem solve and ensure maximum cut through with each project.

Kristin Devitt

Managing Director

BBusCom (Journ/Govt) | FAIM | MASTW

The creativity and smarts of the KDPR team continues to motivate and excite me every day, and ensures I look forward to coming to work, to strategise and problem-solve, and to learn from my colleagues in the process.

It is also the knowledge that every day we are helping organisations of all sizes achieve their goals that drives me. Certainly improving communications is at the heart of what we do, but it is as much about working with organisations to define what their business objectives are and how we can support those objectives that is central to our work.

And once a journo, always a journo, the variety and pace of the agency is also a great motivator. Like life in a newsroom, we have an opportunity to work with a dazzling array of people from all walks of life and from all industry sectors. That variety I think helps keeps us at the top of our game.

Ernestine Lavalle

Senior Account Director

BA (Journ/Govt)

Being a journalist spoils you for almost all other jobs, except possibly PR!

From the diversity of people you meet, to the things you learn, every day is different. There’s great satisfaction in knowing you can play an integral part in communicating information to those who want to hear it and more importantly, those who need to hear it.

The pace is frenetic and that energy is intoxicating. As a dear colleague tells it, “Wake up, Kick Ass, Be Kind and Repeat.”