You may have read our opinion piece a month or two ago about corporate partnerships, how to nail them and why they’re important.  Client and payment specialist IntegraPay have proved us right and announced a national partnership with Beyond Bank Australia.

This unique collaboration is set to deliver superior payment solutions to Beyond Bank’s business customers. IntegraPay’s integration with Beyond Bank’s payment system will offer e-commerce solutions including payments through websites, videos or phone, transforming customers’ recurring and one-off payment processes.

Importantly, the partnership between IntegraPay and Beyond Bank provides customers with peace of mind knowing their transactions are secure.

This announcement has seen great success with media outlets including Business Franchisor Australia and New Zealand, My Business and EGlobal Travel with more in the pipeline.

Following this success, KDPR is working with both organisations to provide exceptional videography.  Our video storytelling will amplify the partnership importance and uniqueness.

IntegraPay is working hard to shake up the industry and KDPR is right alongside them providing the media support required to announce all of their amazing work.