As a creative agency, KDPR is a constant hub of creative energies and ideas. Therefore, we have some tips and tricks to keep your creative juices flowing when you least feel like it.


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  1. Blue Sky thinking

The KDPR team like to sit, jot down every word, idea, quote, image meme and hashtag that comes to mind as a first step. Being open minded allows you to have no limitations in your thought process.

  1. Think inside the box

Bring your blue sky thinking back to earth and identify elements which need to be considered to bring the idea to implementation, such as logistics and costings. A great idea will remain just that, unless it can be pragmatically delivered or practically implemented.

  1. Step away from the project

There is great worth in parking an idea and letting it ferment, while getting on with other tasks at hand. That’s why so many great ideas come in the shower! Give yourself time to mull it over.

  1. Let your mind create the path

It’s easy to get side-tracked or frustrated when you’re close to finding the perfect concept or idea but it just isn’t quite there yet. When this happens, don’t let the negativity stop you. Even if the idea isn’t perfect, your brain will eventually make connections and you’ll get there. Amazing takes work, trust us. Persistence is key even if it is over a longer period of time, or a thousand notes, or a full blackboard of carefully colour-coded ideas.

  1. Consult the pros

Sometimes we need another person to tell us we aren’t flying high enough or have overshot the mark. Your colleagues are a great asset, right next to you, every day. Having another set of eyes on your ideas can never hurt. They may even highlight something you’ve missed or help expand the concept further.

1/2. Have fun

If that’s not obvious, then we don’t know what to tell you.