The team at KDPR love a good roadshow and we recently spent a week travelling throughout Queensland to help the State’s small businesses be inspired, innovate, collaborate and grow.

With the Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games, we held a series of Fit for Change events addressing the various small business pain points of financial, people (HR matters, training), thinking forward, digital innovation, tribes (building footfall and digital customer bases), and succession planning (family succession, selling your business).  More than 60 experts worked with small business owners, managers and employees throughout Queensland to help embrace the opportunities and address the challenges of these pain points.

The Week also saw more than 120 aligned events throughout the state – all of Queensland were getting Fit for Change.

KDPR, as the lead agency, proudly delivered the Week working on the creative direction of the events, content delivery, event management, PR activities including editorial coverage and social media activations, and video and photographic storytelling during the Week.

You can watch a video of the week’s highlights here.

KDPR also ran a Social Media workshop during the week as one of the aligned events. If you missed out, not to worry, you can contact anyone from the friendly KDPR team to organise one for your workplace.

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