Everyone knows there is a massive difference between in-house PR and agency PR, but here is a list of 10 things you may not have known about agencies and working alongside one.

Image Source: http://cyberpr.com/tag/public-relations/

  1. We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge from a range of industries

Due to the variety of backgrounds and ages that are often found inside an agency, there will be a wide range of team members likely to collaborate on your project. For example you could have a junior bringing fresh eyes to your social media plan along with a senior who has 20+ years’ experience in campaigns just like yours.

  1. Instead of having one in-house practitioner you acquire a team of

At most agencies, especially KDPR, you have a family working on your project. You don’t just have one, but a collection of people within the agency helping on the campaign and making sure all targets and objectives are reached.

  1. More than likely we have done similar work to what you need and can have it going quick smart

Due to the variety of clients that come through an agency’s doors, we have probably come across something similar to what you’re wanting for your own campaign. This means we are quicker at sending it back to you and smarter with how many hours we clock on the project.

  1. Our network of creative collaborators is an inch wide but a mile deep – we know the people who know the right people

If we don’t know the answer, then we have no qualms about asking. We also have a massive network which can aid in coverage for your campaign and help you form your own relationships with people in the media industry.

  1. We love being thrown into the deep-end. Agencies don’t have the advantage of in-house knowledge however we are great at sourcing what we don’t know and asking questions

We may not have the knowledge that in-housewould about your company, but we do love a challenge and we do love our research. We will ask questions and research until we practically feel like we are a team member.

  1. Due to often a larger team, heaps of creative juices flow and you receive a large variety of ideas

With a team of people working on your campaign, the creativity never stops. You receive big ideas that can be worked into more concise and workable goals. We go big or we go home, which means you’ll always receive an out-of-the-box idea that can be worked to fit your budget and project.

  1. Due to the remote location, agencies can look at any issues objectively

Issues management is a big part of communications and agencies tend to do a good job of it because they are completely objective in their outlook of the problem.

  1. There’s no politics here

We don’t get involved in any politics and we see everyone as equals in this game. This once again ties back into an agency being an external extension of your communications team.

  1. We keep it real

PR agencies temper too much enthusiasm and ingest some realism. No one wants to hear their company isn’t newsworthy, but agencies work hard to find the right angle for the right media to ensure your brand value is being shown off to its best advantage.

  1. We’re all yours

We are hired by you to work for you, which means we are always accessible to answer questions or work through an idea. We may be working on other projects, but when you need us you are our priority.